MTR IPv6/Hostname

MTR is one of the best network diagnosing tools


What is My Traceroute (MTR)?

My Traceroute, or MTR, combines traceroute and ping to measure a network path's health.

Traceroute is a tool used to diagnose problems in a network path. Traceroute is used to understand the path IP packets are taking from one computer (source IP address) to another (destination IP address).

What is a network path?

A network path refers to the sequence of networks a packet passes through in order to reach its destination.

The Internet is a massive collection of networks that connect to one another via routing. Most Internet endpoints — for example, a web browser trying to access a website and the server which hosts that website — are not part of the same network. This means that if said web browser sends a request to the website’s servers, the request will probably have to hop between several intermediary networks along the way.

How to use traceroute on your device?

You can use MTR on your Windows devide by downloading WIN MTR tools from this link.
From CentOS/RHEL device, download MTR package by using yum -y install mtr, From Ubuntu use apt install mtr, once the MTR package is installed, you can use it by mtr -6 {address} where -6 refers to IPv6 network.

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